Cocoon Architecture Ltd.'s Thedesk Coworking Space

Cocoon Architecture Ltd. Demonstrates The Thedesk Coworking Space

Cocoon Architecture Ltd., the creative mind behind the award winning project Coworking Space:theDesk by Cocoon Architecture Ltd. says, "To allow the old fragment to maintain its own identity, its own history..., you increase the tension between <Cropped>

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Future Oven Design

Anodica and Desall Invite You to Envision The Oven of The Future, Suggesting New Functional and Aesthetic Solutions Related to The Main Components of The Oven’s Front Interface: Handle, Knobs and Product Design Contest On Anodic

Anodica and desall invite you to envision the oven of the future, suggesting new functional and aesthetic solutions related to the main components of the oven’s front interface: handle, knobs and profiles.New product design contest on a <Cropped>

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How Is It Going? by Daeki Shim, Jin Jung, Jinsoo Seo

Daeki Shim, Jin Jung, Jinsoo Seo Designs The How Is It Going? Exhibition Identity

Daeki Shim, Jin Jung, Jinsoo Seo, the designer of the awarded project Exhibition identity by Daeki Shim, Jin Jung, Jinsoo Seo explains, This project is an exhibition identity design project for the first exhibition promotion for the design group ‘H <Cropped>

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Cosmetic Packaging by Azadeh Gholizadeh

Azadeh Gholizadeh Discloses The Beauty Cosmetic Packaging

Azadeh Gholizadeh, the author of the awarded project Cosmetic Packaging by Azadeh Gholizadeh says, this package series is designed after tons of research & each of these packages represented one letter of the word of beauty. Whenever consumer put <Cropped>

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Modular Fiddle:fidular by Lamtharn Hantrakul

Lamtharn Hantrakul Designs The Fidular Modular Fiddle

Lamtharn Hantrakul, the creator of the highlighted design Award Winning Fidular Modular Fiddle says, Fidular fuses modern acoustics and digital fabrication with traditional craftsmanship, enabling instant disassembly and interchangeability of chambe <Cropped>

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N01 by Fernando Pastre Fertonani

Fernando Pastre Fertonani Shows The N01 Race Car

Fernando Pastre Fertonani, the architect of the displayed design Award Winning N01 Race Car illustrates, N.01 Concept was designed as a vision for the future of the race cars, that can be autonomous or remote piloted. Its iconic form is somehow aggre <Cropped>

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Stratification & Border by Steven Chen-Urbane Design

Steven Chen-Urbane Design Shares The Stratification & Border Private Residence

Steven Chen - Urbane Design, the lead designer of the awarded design Steven Chen - Urbane Design's Stratification & Border Private Residence demonstrates, Corresponding to the client’s life status of her own single living, designer blurred <Cropped>

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Award Winning Extensive Publicity Retail

Tenniel Tsang Illustrates The Extensive Publicity Retail

Tenniel Tsang, the architect of the award winning project Retail by Tenniel Tsang explains, A lifestyle store dedicated to the discerning sneakerhead, this 3000-square-foot, L-shaped showroom is wrapped in a zig-zag façade. With half a basketball co <Cropped>

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Ykc Iv by Plotcreative Interior Design Ltd

Plotcreative Interior Design Ltd Discloses The Ykc Iv Fine Dining Restaurant

Plotcreative Interior Design Ltd, the creator of the highlighted work YKC IV by Plotcreative Interior Design Ltd points out, Dining experience combines bubbles element which harmonize with display elements in bronze, marble, with three dimensional of <Cropped>

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Fila Packaging Award

Fila Invites You to Propose a New Graphic and Packaging Design Project For Two New Perfumes Dedicated to The Fila Fashion and Fila Sport Lines.fila Packaging Award New Packaging Design Contest On Fila Invites You to Propose a New Graphic And

Fila invites you to propose a new graphic and packaging design project for two new perfumes dedicated to the fila fashion and fila sport lines.Fila packaging award new packaging design contest on fila invites you to propose a new graphic <Cropped>

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