Showroom, Retail by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Segmentation Showroom, Retail

The author of the displayed project Award Winning Segmentation Showroom, Retail illustrates, The shoes that manufacture with natural leather and ecological bases, are exhibited in the space. Stone of creek that slice aligned on net create floor cover <Cropped>

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Urban Bench:word of Mouth by Helen Brasinika

Helen Brasinika Portrays The Word of Mouth Urban Bench

Helen Brasinika, the architect of the highlighted work Award Winning Word of Mouth Urban bench points out, Word of mouth is an urban bench that aims at the creative adaptation of urban landscapes to powerful educational and communication tools. Eye <Cropped>

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Saara Korppi's 30s Cognac Glass

Saara Korppi Illustrates The 30s Cognac Glass

Saara Korppi, the thinktank behind the displayed design Cognac Glass by Saara Korppi demonstrates, The work was designed for drinking cognac. It is free-blown in a glass studio. This makes every glass piece individual. Glass is easy to grab and looks <Cropped>

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Award Winning Iq Option Mobile App Mobile Application

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Iq Option Mobile App Mobile Application

The maker of the highlighted work Acclaimed Designer's IQ Option Mobile App Mobile Application explicates, New trading platform has attractive appearance. Such result was achieved by means of WebGL technology which facilitates visualization of c <Cropped>

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Huang Xulong's Chinese Style Villa Design Villa Interior

Huang Xulong Presents The Chinese Style Villa Design Villa Interior

Huang Xulong, the lead designer of the awarded project Villa interior by Huang Xulong demonstrates, Chinese style interior design is the trend in recent years, especially for successful business owners and dignitaries, HXL interior design studio is <Cropped>

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Table by Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy

Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy Reveals The Flux Table Table

Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy, the architect of the award winning project Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy's FLUX table Table spells out, Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy from Studio INTEGRATE have created “Flux Table” within their exp <Cropped>

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Mohan Rajesh Elara's Mantis Facade Cleaning Robot

Mohan Rajesh Elara Exhibits The Mantis Facade Cleaning Robot

Mohan Rajesh Elara, the architect of the awarded work Mohan Rajesh Elara's Mantis Facade Cleaning Robot spells out, A class of facade cleaning robot, Mantis is made of three identical modules and a caterpillar-inspired linear actuator bar system <Cropped>

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Bam Bam by Rockwell Group

Rockwell Group Discloses The Bam Bam Restaurant

Rockwell Group, the author of the highlighted design Restaurant by Rockwell Group demonstrates, Bam Bam is a Vietnamese-Cajun beer garden that features a long, continuous bar that wraps through the space, punctuated with fluted bamboo columns and bur <Cropped>

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One of a Kind by Chien Chun Feng

Chien Chun Feng Illustrates The One of a Kind Sub-Brand Packaging

CHIEN CHUN FENG, the creative mind behind the displayed project sub-brand packaging by CHIEN CHUN FENG demonstrates, I create sub-brand packaging for the Yankee Candle company, One of a kind collection. One of a kind collection has two packagings. Th <Cropped>

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Award Winning Wave Residential House

Chu-Hsin Tsai Exhibits The Wave Residential House

Chu-Hsin Tsai, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Residential House:Wave by Chu-Hsin Tsai demonstrates, In Asia, people usually prefer a visually closed entrance for Fen-Sui purpose. To create a big space in a limited space, designer put a sho <Cropped>

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