Commercial Lobby and Amenity Space:a Valley in The City by Song Han

Song Han Illustrates The a Valley in The City Commercial Lobby and Amenity Space

Song Han, the architect of the awarded project A Valley in The City - Commercial Lobby and Amenity Space by Song Han explains, What kind of life are we yearning for? We yearn for a life, in harmony with the nature, and characterised by warmth and eas <Cropped>

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Library:lishin Elementary School Library by Shian-Gung Tsai

Shian-Gung Tsai Shares The Lishin Elementary School Library Library

Shian-gung Tsai, the creator of the highlighted work Library by Shian-gung Tsai illustrates, It's really difficult to change the reading space in Taiwan's school. So, the designers tried to propose a separated space concept for school. Firs <Cropped>

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Night Collection Design

Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Design a New Collection of Furniture Items For The Bedroom, Consisting of a Double Bed and a Set of Storage Units.night Collection Design New Product Design Contest On Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Desi

Tomasella and desall invite you to design a new collection of furniture items for the bedroom, consisting of a double bed and a set of storage units.Night collection design new product design contest on tomasella and desall invite you to <Cropped>

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Stag Motors by John Dockins-Path Media

John Dockins-Path Media Discloses The Stag Motors Logo

John Dockins - Path Media, the creator of the highlighted work Logo by John Dockins - Path Media explicates, Stag Motors is a logo design that incorporates an American 1950s-1960s badge style branding. The logo represents an old-school vibe in design <Cropped>

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Stool:bonding by Loukas Chondros

Loukas Chondros Illustrates The Bonding Stool

Loukas Chondros, the designer of the awarded design Stool by Loukas Chondros spells out, Bonding is a two-person seat that is conditionally functional. It finds balance when two people use it simultaneously. Otherwise, in a more selfish behavior, it <Cropped>

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Kettle, Coffee and Tea Machine, Toaster by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Illustrates The Mood Breakfast Set Kettle, Coffee and Tea Machine, Toaster

The creative mind behind the award winning project kettle, coffee and tea machine, toaster:MOOD breakfast set by Acclaimed Designer points out, The bold and modern design of MOOD breakfast set, including filter coffee machine, kettle, toaster and te <Cropped>

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Award Winning Leonardo 1482 Interactive Light

Maurice Dery and Jordan Dery Presents The Leonardo 1482 Interactive Light

Maurice Dery and Jordan Dery, the creator of the highlighted project Leonardo 1482 by Maurice Dery and Jordan Dery explains, The Leonardo 1482 is like nothing ever seen. It is an interactive light. The light is part machine and part light fixture. Th <Cropped>

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Polo Cafe-Cafe Bar by Cheng Hui Hsin

Cheng Hui Hsin Shows The Polo Cafe Cafe Bar

Cheng Hui Hsin, the author of the awarded work Cheng Hui Hsin's Polo Cafe Cafe Bar spells out, In two floors storefront of Polo Cafe, the designer use lots of gold and dark tones in space, creating the atmosphere like hotel lobby. Inspired by th <Cropped>

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Kilt Cult by Fernanda Bueno

Fernanda Bueno Reveals The Kilt Cult Fashion Collection

Fernanda Bueno, the author of the awarded work Fashion collection:Kilt Cult by Fernanda Bueno says, Kilt Cult is a fashion collection created by designer Fernanda Bueno for FEMMAN, her upcoming brand whose motto is to disseminate what she calls fre <Cropped>

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Modular Food Furniture

All and Enofrigo Invite You to Propose a Concept For An Innovative Product Dedicated to The Catering Industry, Based On New Applications of Technologies and Materials Already Used by The Idea Contest On Desall and Enofrigo Invite Y

All and enofrigo invite you to propose a concept for an innovative product dedicated to the catering industry, based on new applications of technologies and materials already used by the company.New idea contest on desall and enofrigo inv <Cropped>

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