Towering as Mountain by Pei-Ching Su and Tsai-Ying Wu

Pei-Ching Su and Tsai-Ying Wu Spotlights The Towering as Mountain Interior Design

Pei-Ching Su and Tsai-Ying Wu, the architect of the awarded design Interior Design:Towering as Mountain by Pei-Ching Su and Tsai-Ying Wu spells out, The tall residential building, located at the central Kaohsiung City, has the great view, which has b <Cropped>

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Rolling Cane Top by George Galcsik

George Galcsik Exhibits The Rolling Cane Top Rolling Cane Top

George Galcsik, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Rolling Cane Top by George Galcsik explicates, Appropriate for people who need the support of canes, but are not fit enough to lift that while walking. The rolling wheel at the end of the cane <Cropped>

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Hsuan Ting Huang's Terrazzo Times Table

Hsuan Ting Huang Shares The Terrazzo Times Table

Hsuan Ting Huang, the architect of the highlighted work Table:Terrazzo Times by Hsuan Ting Huang spells out, To reinforce this image, Hsuan-Ting Huang re-created the building materials into new materials to seal the past time. She chose the technique <Cropped>

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Sideboard by Railis Kotlevs

Railis Kotlevs Presents The Sideboard Silenus Sideboard

Railis Kotlevs, the author of the displayed project Award Winning Sideboard Silenus Sideboard illustrates, Sideboard Silenus. Made from black stained oak veneer combining it with different metals - copper and brass, Silenus sideboard lends a touch of <Cropped>

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Home and Office Furniture by Viktor & Yuriy Kovtun

Viktor & Yuriy Kovtun Presents The Egg Home and Office Furniture

Viktor & Yuriy Kovtun, the project leader of the highlighted design Egg - home and office furniture by Viktor & Yuriy Kovtun points out, The table top basis is the metal ring, in the middle of which the glass is installed, and the the outsi <Cropped>

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Sustainable Chair by Giorgio Caporaso

Giorgio Caporaso Shows The Less Sustainable Chair

Giorgio Caporaso, the maker of the awarded work Less by Giorgio Caporaso demonstrates, Deep consideration on our actual needs was the starting point for the research that led to the definition of an extremely basic eco-friendly chair. As universal as <Cropped>

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Creative Incubators by Rui Zhao

Rui Zhao Shares The Creative Incubators Office Space

Rui Zhao, the creative mind behind the award winning work Creative Incubators by Rui Zhao spells out, Creative incubators is a temporary building left over from the Shanghai World expo, the final structure of the internal structure is relatively comp <Cropped>

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Sideboard:pomo by Florian Gross

Florian Gross Demonstrates The Pomo Sideboard

Florian Gross, the creator of the award winning design Pomo by Florian Gross points out, Pomo is a contemporary design sideboard inspired in the conceptual design movement. Characterized by a visual game to hide and show the door knobs and drawers fr <Cropped>

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Office by Don Lee

Don Lee Illustrates The Subversion White Office

Don Lee, the creative mind behind the awarded project Office:Subversion White by Don Lee demonstrates, Build Land Construction is located in a building beside Ganjiang River. It’s embraced at 270° by river views. The designer tries to give a new s <Cropped>

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Iv International Contest of Theatrical Poster

Contest Has 2 Stages: 1. Internet-Anyone Can Put Poster to Site. 2. Final Stage. Artists' Jury Select 70 Posters and Make a Final Exibition. Two Team of Jury: Artists' Jury and Theatre Critics Jury. Artists' Jury Select 3 Winners and Theat

Contest has 2 stages: 1. internet -anyone can put poster to site. 2. final stage. artists' jury select 70 posters and make a final exibition. two team of jury: artists' jury and theatre critics jury. artists' jury select 3 winners and <Cropped>

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